Casino Andor is a boutique casino with over 20 years of tradition.

We are known for exceeding the expectations of our visitors in many ways. Although we may be one of the smallest casinos, we think of it as one of our most significant advantages and proudly so. We dedicate ourselves to every guest with pleasure and sincerity.
At Casino Andor you can try your luck on one of the slot machines, or bet on your lucky number on one of the two electronic roulettes.
You should visit Casino Andor if you appreciate a truly unique location. The welcoming atmosphere and the sense of familiarity are two of the main reasons our guests love to come back.
Do you like to mix the fun of gaming with love for food? An exceptional culinary is what we offer.
Top it all with consistent winning, of which we are especially proud, and you get an experience of a lifetime!


We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


We are located in the shelter of the Mediterranean vegetation that offers intimacy and the joy of relaxed gaming with a splendid view of the sea. Casino Andor is part of the Villa Andor structure, an exceptional villa built during the Venetian Republic era. In addition to the casino, here you will also find the superb Mediterranean restaurant and a boutique hotel Villa Andor.


Casino Andor is located in Ankaran, just 2 kilometers from the former border crossing of Lazaret and only 5 kilometers from the former border crossing of Škofije. We are easily accessible from both the Slovenian and the Italian sides. Going by the highway, it is necessary to take the exit Ankaran, but it is possible to reach the casino even without the highway vignette.